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Hello! Welcome to The Bluth Family headquarters for our campaign for the first ever Family of the Year Award sponsored by the Bluth Company.*

As the anchor of the O.C. community, we're thrilled to bestow this award to a deserving family: ourselves! We are so qualified for Family of the Motherf**king Year -- not day, not month, not quarter -- that NO other families even wanted to compete. You may ask, "Why campaign if you're running unopposed?" Well, why the hell wouldn't we? We're going to spread the Bluth name far and wide -- from the stern of the Queen Mary all the way to Irvine we will show you ALL why we WILL win** the Golden Anchor. No one's taking it away from us!!! We're the best. We're the Bluths!

*Technically it's from the Austero-Bluth Company...mostly from the Austero side.
**Win = by the Bluths, for the Bluths

Updates from the Bluths

The Golden Anchor
WE WON! Family of the
motherf***ing year!